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Delicious Creamy Ice Cream in the South Shore, MA

Dozens of Unique and Traditional Frozen Treats

Daddy's Dairy makes dozens of flavorful ice cream in the South Shore, MA. We offer consistent quality and outstanding customer service to provide unique desserts you won’t easily forget. Our ice cream parlor has it all, from traditional ice cream cones to specialty ice cream pies. Bring your friends or stop by on your way for a sweet treat like no other.

Grab the best ice cream from our shop. We pride ourselves on providing consistent quality and unforgettable experiences. Our friendly and welcoming staff love bringing smiles to our customers’ faces with delicious ice cream. We have all your favorite flavors and more at our five popular shop locations. We bring fresh flavor and a refreshing taste to our table every day. Treat yourself to a homemade cone or purchase a homemade ice cream cake to take home. Visit us to explore our frozen sweets and experience new and exciting ice cream varieties.

Endless Flavors and Endless Possibilities

We pride ourselves on making unforgettable desserts. Make your day with a cone of our exceptional flavors. Cool down with an ice cream cone, or choose frozen yogurt for a healthier sweet option. We also provide lactose-free options in almost any flavor of soft serve. We have over 80 hard ice cream flavors and 200 soft serve flavors that will make everyone happy. Celebrate the sweet moments with our most popular frozen desserts, including:

  • 80 Hard Ice Cream flavors
  • 200 Soft Serve flavors
  • 195 Lactose-Free flavors
  • 195 Soft Serve Frozen Yoghurt flavors
  • 5 Flavors of Vegan Ice Cream
  • 5 No Sugar Hard Ice Cream flavors
  • 4 Sorbet flavors